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Prairie Catholic School - Mission Statement

"The mission of Prairie Catholic school is to nurture Christ centered students through spiritual growth, academic excellence, and service to others in a safe and caring environment."

Prairie Catholic School enjoys a rich heritage that many prior generations have sacrificed to attain. Prairie Catholic Schools combines the concepts of God’s light in the world and the light of knowledge we strive to kindle in our students. As Catholic School educators, we hope to light the way through a faith-based education that supports the whole child in learning about and leading a fulfilled life. Our students, in turn, will “light the way” to a brighter future through leadership in their communities, church, businesses and families.

The parishes of St. Gabriel’s and St. John’s trace a rich history of faith and education since the establishment of each church. Both parishes recognized the importance of education in the lives of their parishes by establishing schools early in the century, St. Gabriel’s in 1867 and St. John’s in 1902. Each school has long been recognized for its high academic strengths as well as its emphasis on family; a home away from home where family values are nourished and actively cultivated. Since its consolidation in 1991 Prairie Catholic Schools continues to be a dream of parents who support an environment where their children are challenged intellectually as well as supported in their development of the Christian faith, service to the community, and the acquisition of values that will last a lifetime.

Philosophy of Prairie Catholic School

Catholic schools make a unique contribution in today’s Church and society by providing students with the opportunity to develop a life exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ. The school, in cooperation and partnership with parents, and in the context of the Catholic community, strives to assist the student to relate faith and Gospel teachings to all aspects of learning and life. We believe in a wholistic educational approach which fosters the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of all members of our Prairie Catholic School-community. Catholic values are emphasized by empowering staff and students to extend Christianity beyond the school and into the community. The goal of Prairie Catholic School is to be an extension of the Catholic home, modeling Christian values and beliefs.

Distinctive Characteristics

Holy Family Parish Crest
A distinct characteristic of Prairie Catholic School is that we provide a God centered education rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our school in cooperation and partnership with parents, and supported by the greater Catholic community of St. Gabriel’s Parish and St. John’s Parish, strives to assist each student to relate faith and Gospel teachings to life situations.

We strive to develop a Catholic Christian identity in the students through daily religious instruction and the conscious infusion of Christian values and beliefs. The principles of Church teachings on morality, justice and life issues are infused throughout all subject areas. We guide students in the deepening of their faith commitment to Christ.

We thank our parish priests, for celebrating meaningful liturgies, for coming to our classrooms to visit and teach, and for sharing their deep love of Jesus and the Church with us each day.

Community is an essential component of Prairie Catholic School. Students feel part of a learning community, a social community, and a faith community. We are very thankful to the many people who join our community and volunteer as coaches, chaperones, fund raiser organizers and workers, library aide’s, classroom assistants, resource speakers, music ministers, Education Community members and Home and School Group members. Thank you for sharing your gifts of time and talent to light the way in the quality of education and the caring, faith-filled atmosphere we share at Prairie Catholic Schools. Service is encouraged on all grade levels throughout the school as students learn the sharing of responsibility. Throughout the year students become involved in service activities that develop their awareness of responsibility toward themselves, others, and the world in which they live.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Teachers across the nation are working to prepare their students for the future and at Prairie Catholic we are no different. Our teachers are developing curriculum and structuring lessons where students are encouraged to be resourceful as they apply information to real life situations and develop problem solving strategies that really work. Emphasis is placed on written and verbal communication skills as well as being technologically literate. Students are encouraged to see relationships between subject areas, connect this information, and make sense of it. Overall these traits are admirable, but mean nothing if character development is lacking. Our students are encouraged to do their best and be their best at all times; to look after the needs of others in addition to themselves, and show consideration and empathy for others. Honesty, integrity, love of neighbor, sense of self discipline and a positive work ethic are modeled and stressed at all levels at Prairie Catholic.

We’re very proud of what we do, and we want to tell the whole community about the benefits of our schools where we develop the whole child and light the way into their future. We invite everyone to get acquainted with Prairie Catholic Schools and see what we have to offer.

If you have questions , please see to our contact page or call our principal at 326-8624 to arrange a tour.

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