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Holy Family Parish - Mission Statement

The Holy Family Parish is a loving community united by our faith in Jesus Christ. Our prayerful liturgies are community celebrations shaped by tradition of over one hundred years of Eucharistic worship. We welcome all who seek God's love.

The Holy Family Parishes will support this mission by striving to worship God with devotion and celebration while fostering spiritual growth. We commit ourselves to nurturing the parish family while providing a challenging and high-quality Catholic educational program. We will achieve this through stewardship, acts of service, and utilizing our talents to their greatest potential.

Holy Family Parish - Crest

Our Crest shield is divided into four quadrants:

In the lower right corner the "Gold Fleur-de-lis" represents St. Gabriel’s church and its French roots. The Fleur-de-lis or “lily flower” is a symbol of France. In 1836 Prairie du Chien was made up mostly of French and native American Settlers. It was then that 4 acres of land was donated for the site of St. Gabriel church. These settlers built St. Gabriel church in 1839 – the oldest church building still in use in Wisconsin.

The "two tailed lion" represents the Bohemians of St. John’s church that established St. John’s in 1891. At that time St. John’s parish was built by the many Bohemians that had come to Prairie du Chien and wanted a church and priest that could serve their needs and speak their language.

In the upper left corner we have the symbol of the Trinity. "The Trinity" is the foundation of our Concept of God. It identifies us as Christians. It is the vision of Prairie Catholic school to provide spiritual development to our students by providing a Christian academic environment .

In the upper right is a symbol recognized for "Family Unity". A saying in the Book of Ecclesiastes reads, “two are stronger than one and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.” The Family symbol, with its three merged circles, is such a cord. It represents the strength of the family bond and the enduring love that family members share with one another. The Letters P C S identify our school with its commitment to fostering this familial community environment that encourages parental involvement and community service.

The Latin Banner:
Veritas - Truth
Fides - Faith
Unitas - Unity

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