Prairie Catholic - Extracurricular School Activities
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Athletics (Click here for sign up Forms)

Athletics should enhance and complement the school's educational program. Athletics are student activities, which provide experiences to help boys and girls develop physically, mentally and emotionally. The element of competition and environment, which is exemplified by the instructor. Principles of Christian sportsmanship prevail at all times to enhance the educational values of contests.

Participation in athletics, both as a player and a student spectator, is an integral part of the student's educational experience. Participation is privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the team, to the student body, to the community and to the student himself/herself. Therefore the following are required:
  • Christian standards of social behavior
  • A display of good sportsmanship and respect for teammates and opponents.
  • A display of a spirit of cooperation.
  • Appropriate and respectable dress when attending a contest.
  • Language, which is socially acceptable, is to be used. Profanity will not be tolerated at practice or at games, on or off the field or court.

Band (Click here for sign up Forms)

Students in grades 6 through 8 elect to participate in band in conjunction with the public school. Playing a band instrument is a form of communication and a means of personal expression. They will learn at least one instrument, alone and in small groups a well as large ensembles with correct posture and playing position . The students ability to perform on instrument opens the door to personal fulfillment and expression as well as to valuable activities in school and community

Choir (Click here for sign up Forms)

Singing is a basic means of musical expression. Learning proper use of the voice in singing and speaking from an early age is vital for effective communication. Students' ability to use the voice effectively in singing opens the door to personal fulfillment and expression. As well as to valuable activities in the future. The group meets once a week before Mass to practice - they may practice on occasion at other times.

Math Counts (Click here for sign up Forms)

All 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to sign up for participate in the Math Counts Program sponsored in partnership with 3M company. This program emphasizes a team approach to math problem solving. The group meets once a week after school for training. Students will participate in several competitions throughout the school year.

Student Council (Click here for sign up Forms)

The purpose of the Student Council is to provide students with a formal opportunity for leadership in furthering the mission of Prairie Catholic Schools. The Student Council plans and assists with activities that promote a positive social climate interactions among students, faculty, staff members and community. elections are held every year for members and officers.

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