Rev. Sengol Rajan Arockiasamy -- Associate Pastor
Oct.2010, March 2011

Rev. Sengol Rajan Arockiasamy -- Associate Pastor

About Father Rajan: (Taken from our Oct. 10, 2010 bulletin)

My Name is Fr. Sengol Rajan Arockiasamy, but you can call me Fr. Rajan or Fr.Raj or Fr. Sengol, whichever is easier for you. Just last May 5th, 2010 I celebrated my Silver jubilee at home in Tamil Nadu India, and I am extremely grateful to God for being a priest for twenty five years. I am from South India and I worked as a missionary priest in North India, which is less Christian compared to South India. Of the entire population of India’s 1.3 billion people (second only to China) 3% are Christian with 2% being Catholic. I was born on 30th Sept. 1955 to very dedicated parents. There are 3 boys and 2 girls in my family. All my brother’s and sister’s families are doing well in southern part of the India, and my loving par-ents are in heaven and while I miss them when I am in India, here I do not much miss them. I consider all my friends like my family.

I was Ordained on May 5th, 1985 for Ahmedabad diocese in Gujarat. My first appointment was teaching English in the local Gujarati medium higher secondary and the high school. I attained a Master’s Degree in English literature by correspondence while teaching in the school. After six years I was transferred to another school as the principal and the administrator of the primary and high school. After six years I was appointed to a parish as the pastor for a year, after which I was sent to Manila for the Pastoral renewal course at the East Asian Pastoral Institute for a year. For the next 2 years I worked in school guidance and counseling at La Salle University. It was a wonderful experience in Manila; being in a Catholic country, and I enjoyed my ministry with the people in the Parish.

Returning to India, I was assigned the director of the Diocesan Pastoral Center. I was there four years and then I asked to go to the United States to work in family counseling. At this time finances were difficult so I ministered in a parish in Los Angeles and did two units of CPE to be a chaplain at a hospital. I had worked in many countries in a short period of time; I have been in the States for 5 years, and have had many different experiences. Wherever I worked the experience of the people has been wonderful. I might serve one or two more years here and then am planning to go back to my country. In this country it is very expensive to die. In my country funeral services are free, and many American Missionaries stay there.

I am happy to be here at Wauzeka and working at our three parishes with Fr. Jim as our pastor. You are most welcome to contact me for any type of pastoral help and talk. I will be available at 608-306-2250. May God bless you and keep you under His care and protection. Let us be grateful to Him always.

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Note: This was Father Rajan's Profile we had on the site while he was our Associate.