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Letter From the Bishop to Parents

17 June 2020
Year of St. Joseph

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ :

Greetings of peace as we enter the summer season.

I really enjoy the summer months and always had a great time when I was out of school and doing “summer stuff.” It seems so strange that those memories have endured over the years, nevertheless, so much remains clear and vivid in my mind.

I begin by saying “thank you” to all of you who, as parents of our school-aged children spent some serious time these past months truly working with your children and helping them in academic and developmental areas. Your precious time was certainly not lost as they learned from you and experienced with you the joy and perfect responsibility of parenting—being the first educators of your children in all of the important areas of life.

Now, I am taking the opportunity to let you know that our wonderful Catholic Schools are preparing to partner up with you once again as I announce the news that our Catholic schools will be opening for our Fall schedule according to our regular schedule and policies, in conjunction with State and local policies as they affect us. The COVID pandemic has hit us all very hard and has almost recreated society and social constructs in some serious new ways. We, Catholic school educators, are taking all of this “new information” very seriously and are planning for its impact on our schools and the lives of our children. We are all looking to the new academic year as one of challenging growth and direction. Thus, it will require the best from all of us.

As you should well know by now, I am an avid supporter of Catholic education and see its greatest articulation for the future in Catholic schools. The fullness of teaching a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is our first and most successful lesson in the Catholic school. You may send your sons or daughters to so many different schools—good schools—in the area encompassed by our Diocese. None of them, however, will create and sustain an environment where your children will first learn the life of grace that is the truth of Jesus’ gift to them as it is offered in our Catholic schools. That, my dear parents, is the first tenet of Catholic school policy.

As we look forward to challenging the hearts and souls of your children—to claim them for Christ; we look forward to the exciting varieties of appropriate vistas of thought, verbal and physical expression, expansive brain games and emotional achievement, the very best in Catholic learning, the fullness of faith and reason.

Finally, dear brothers and sisters—mothers and fathers—this future will be offered to your children by our administrators, teachers, and professional staffs, all of whom share enthusiasm for the education of your children. You may rest assured that your children will return to our schools—the large and the small—with our promise to offer them what you want for them, an extension of your willingness to prepare them for the world ahead of them with a solid education, positive value, and purposeful virtue supported by the advantage of the Catholic Tradition.

Be assured of my support for you as parents and my prayers for you as families—domestic churches—where Jesus dwells and the Truth is taught. God be with you.

Sincerely, in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Holy Family, I am

+ William Patrick Callahan
Bishop of La Crosse

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Please Read.... Masses are Resuming

Please see our May 24th,2020 Bulletin about Masses resuming with conditions in the near future. Please remember all masses will be held at St. John's Church. Church will be limited to 132 persons maximum. Again, please click on button below to see our May 24th, 2020 Bulletin for more details.

Only 25% of the church’s capacity can be occupied in order to keep the 6 ft. social distancing. It means there can be only 132 people in church per Mass. Once that number is reached, all those wanting to enter cannot. If anyone has flu-like symptoms, please do not attend; the obligation has and is relaxed until further notice. Please bring your own face mask. Note the limit for weekday Masses will be relaxed beginning June 1st. Also, note that all Masses – weekend and weekday – will be held at St. John for two basic reasons: 1) to concentrate our efforts to sanitize one church building rather than two, and 2) to accommodate more people because St. John’s can hold 132 whereas St. Gabriel 100 at the 25% capacity. Once we get past this virus and all pre-cautions, we will return having Masses at both churches. If there is a family who wants a funeral at St. Gabriel’s, it will certainly be accommodated.

May 24, 2020 Bulletin

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Little Saints Center -- Check us Out!

Our educational program is for children ages 2.5-12 years of age Daycare, 3K and 4K . We provide a developmentally appropriate, theme-based learning experience for our children throughout the day

Little Saints Learning Center welcomes children/students of all religious, social, and national/ethnic origins who have the ability and desire to be part of its sponsored programs.

Click here to go to our Little Saints Webpage

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Thank you for your interest in Prairie Catholic School. We know that choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions you face. The entire staff at Prairie Catholic appreciates the fact that you are willing to consider our school, and wish you to know that this is greatly appreciated. The education of our youth is an honor and a great responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Our Catholic school offers a unique environment with very special opportunities for its students to grow spiritually. Our setting allows educators to share their faith and values while educating their students, your children. We are committed to helping children grow in faith and love and to display respect and fellowship. Prairie Catholic does not discriminate based on faith and includes many non-Catholic families. These families appreciate our caring, student-centered environment that teaches children to follow Christ’s command to love one another and treat others with respect.

Prairie Catholic provides a strong academic curriculum and a safe learning environment for students to reach their greatest potential. We support each child by recognizing his or her own individual talents and instilling an appreciation for the gifts of others. We believe this atmosphere fosters a mutual respect for one another.

We encourage, and are committed to, a cooperative partnership between our families and our school. We seek to work with you the parents, in helping your child become the best they can be. We believe in the mutual relationship of school supporting family and family supporting school.

We would love to sit down for a conversation about the school and the opportunity to educate your child. Please contact the office at (608) 326-8624 to schedule a time.

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