Holy Family Parish - Photo Gallery

Below are photos submitted to Prairie Catholic. If you like some of the photos submitted, you are welcome to contact the source of these pictures for the full file. Please note, the pictures displayed here are in a compressed format and will not offer good results if printed.

If you see a photo here that you would like removed, please contact the Prairie Catholic Webmaster.

Photos Submitted 2013 - 2014

Below, are photos taken and submitted thoughout the 2013 - 2014 school year. We describe the photos in the photo caption area. Photos are added periodically, so check often for updates.

Tiller Award 2013:
Prairie Catholic was very proud to present the Tiller Award to Evan Boisvert at last Friday’s All School Mass. The Tiller Award is given to the 8 th grade student withll the highest GPA in the 7 th grade. Congrats Evan!

Photos Submitted 2012 - 2013

Below, are photos taken and submitted thoughout the 2012 - 2013 school year. We describe the photos in the photo caption area. Photos are added periodically, so check often for updates.

Knights of Columbus Makes Donations:
Knights of Columbus recently made donations to both the Oportunity Center and Badgercamp. For more info on the Badgercamp Donation Click Here.
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Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive 2013:
The Knights of Columbus would like to congratulate and thank our many volunteers who helped make the 2013 Tootsie Roll Drive the best ever raising $4009.42 to be shared between Badger Camp, Opportunity Center and Prairie Catholic Special Ed. Many of the volunteers are pictured.
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School Year Photos Submitted 2011 -2012

Below, are photos taken and submitted thoughout the 11/12 school year. We describe the photos in the photo caption area. Photos are added periodically, so check often for updates.

Christmas Poster Contest

Knights of Columbus Essay Contest:

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Student Council Appreciates Local Public Services:
On Friday, December 9th, the Student Council at Prairie Catholic Middle School thanked our local service organization by giving them a tray of homemade cookies. They visited Interstate EMS, the Post Office, and the Fire, Police and Sheriff Departments.
06 07

2011 Geography Bee:
On December 12th Prairie Catholic Middle School held their annual Geography Bee. The top 10 scorers from grades 5-8 in the preliminary round competed in this ompetition. Zach Neisius was the school winner and will take the state eligiblity test in January. Levi Orr was the runner-up. Congratulations to both!
08 09

Prairie Memorial Hospital Visits 4th Grade:
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Catholic Schools Week Jan. 29, 2012 - Feb. 4, 2012:
Prairie Catholic had a very busy Catholic Schools Week. Kathleen Ernst, author was keynote speaker at family night. On Friday the elementary students enjoyed a ballroom dancing demonstration. The students learned many different dances. On Thursday the elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school by donating food to the food pantry.
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First Day of School August 25, 2011

First day of the New Year!

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Miscellaneous School Year Photos 2010 - 2011

Below, are photos taken and submitted thoughout the school year. We describe the photos in the photo caption area. These are put here if only one or two photos of an event or award were taken and there is not enough to form a group. Photos are added periodically, so check often for updates.

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Ski Trip, Feb. 4, 2011

As a part of Catholic Schools Week, Prairie Catholic Middle School traditionally goes on a ski trip to LaCrosse, WI, at Mt. LaCrosse. This year was no exception; and the weather was beautiful; sunny and in the mid 20's.

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Photos submitted by Mrs. Jean Jozefowicz

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"Hard Work Counts" is an incentive program at Prairie Catholic middle school that rewards students who work hard in school and do not recieve any detentions throughout the school year. Students who did not receive any detentions 1st or 2nd quarter of this school year were treated to an afternoon of bowling. 54 out of our 74 students were allowed to attend. Congratulations to those students achieved this goal!

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Photos submitted by Mrs. Jean Jozefowicz

Alice in Dairyland visits Prairie Catholic School, Jan. 18, 2011

Christine Lindner is serving as the 63rd Alice in Dairyland. As Wisconsin’s agricultural ambassador, she is striving to communicate with urban and rural audiences across Wisconsin about the importance of our state’s diverse agriculture industry in our daily lives. Students learned and had fun as she gave three interactive presentations to our preschool students, our elementary students, and the middle school students.

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Photos submitted by Tammy Nolan

8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball Games vs. Cass. St. Charles Nov. 15, 2010

The first games of the season took place on Nov. 15. Both the boys and girls won their games. Congratulations to both teams!

Boys Game: 
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Girls Game:
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Photos submitted by Mrs. Jean Jozefowicz

Knights of Columbus Essay Contest, Nov. 2010

The Knights of Columbus, Campion Council 1840, recently recognized thirty-eight students in the seventh and eighth grades at Prairie Catholic School who all submitted outstanding original essays in a contest on the topic “Marriage and the Family: Is Marriage Important to the Life of an Unborn Child?”.  Congratulations to winners, Chad Mara and Mariah Schwager.  Their essays will advance to District, Diocesan, and State competition.  The Knights also wish to thank Father James Weighner; Wade Marlow, Principal; Mrs. Jozefowicz, Teacher; Mrs. Atkins, Teacher; and Rose Ziel, Office Manager, for their help with this important project. Also thank you to Pat Prochaska, director of Grade School Religious Education, for encouraging our CCD participants.

01 02 03 04

Photos submitted by Stu Bosworth

8th Grade Field Trip to use Ropes Course in Dubuque, IA , Oct 1, 2010

Each year the 8th grade travels to Dubuque, IA to attend the Ropes Course. The course fosters Community building, Cooperative learning and Faith and trust in others.

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