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Prairie Catholic School and Parish

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  • Prairie Catholic School Office - (608) 326-8624

  • Prairie Catholic Day Care - (608) 326-5383

  • St. Gabriel's Church Rectory - (608) 326-2404

  • St. John's Church Rectory - (608) 326-6511


Rev. James C. Weighner -- Pastor


Deacon Mark Grunwald -- Parish Deacon

Mrs. Mary Henry -- School Principal


Mrs. Sandy Halverson -- St. Gabriel's Church Rectory Office Manager, Cemetery Coordinator, Holy Family Parish


Mrs. Lana Gratace -- St. John's Church Rectory Office Manager, Holy Family Parish


Mrs. Rose Ziel -- Office Manager, Prairie Catholic School


Mrs. Janet Nelson -- Librarian, Prairie Catholic School

Mrs. Annie Beinborn -- Librarian, Prairie Catholic School


Mrs. Janet Steiner -- Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Mary Huser -- Kindergarten

Mrs. Lori Hemmer -- Grade 1

Ms. Rachel Felten -- Grade 2

Mrs. Jennifer Wachuta -- Grade 3

Mrs. Joahn Post -- Grade 4

Mrs. Michelle Kapfhamer -- Grade 5

Mrs. Kathleen Igou -- 6th Grade Homeroom
Math / Reading / Student Council Advisor

Miss Jean Pelleymounter -- 7th Grade Homeroom
Religion / English

Mr. Bill Huser -- 8th Grade Homeroom
History / Science / Social Studies / Geography

Mrs. Luana Steimke
Music and Art - PreK through 8th Grade

Mrs. Clarissa Russell - Spanish / Technology (PreK through 8th Grade)

Mike Wallace Ė Phy Ed

Mrs. Jennifer Nack -- Teacher Aide

Mrs. Judy Gillitzer -- Teacher Aide

Daycare Staff

Kelly Gallagher -- Daycare Director - Prairie Catholic School


Mrs. Julie Schwager -- Early Childhood Class Teacher


Lunch Program Staff

Mrs. Molly Kirschbaum -- Kitchen Director


Mr. Mick Rooney -- Maintenance Director (Holy Family Parish and Prairie Catholic School)

Mr. Richard Tesar -- Cleaning (Churches and Daycare)

Dick is responsible for cleaning St. Gabriel's Church, St. John's Church, St. Gabriel's Daycare, and St. Gabriel's Rectory.

Mrs. Connie Lessard -- Janitor

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