Holy Family "Building the Future... Preserving the Past"
New Fellowship Hall and Gymnasium 2015-2016

Holy Family Construction Updates:

Sept. 11, 2016:
Our school project continues toward completion. In the next couple weeks, two major milestones will be completed: we will have the playground installed in its new location and the gym floor should be installed. When we see these visible aspect being completed, excitement grows for the approval for occupancy. Most of the gym equipment is being finished this past week. The backboards and hoops are all installed, as well as the wall padding. The benches need to be assembled, and we will have a parish workday in a couple weeks for that and a couple more items. Thank you to all that came out to move the pavilion back into place, and those that came to fasten it and spend some time cleaning up the new day care. Our light fixtures are being installed this week and the ceiling tiles will follow soon. As we get closer we will have opportunities to help with some landscaping at the new center as well.

May 15, 2016:
There has been some dis-cussion on the exterior lights for the new hall. We have the old style lights from the exterior of the church and will be sending these in to be sand blasted and powder sprayed. They will then be converted to LED lights and matching lights will be placed on the building. Any donations for a specific pro-ject such as this are always appreciated.


We are planning on finishing the exterior over the summer. This includes sidewalk work in front and back of the church. The alley should be blacktopped at some point over the summer as well. This will be finished as our parishioners and contractors have time, so we ask for your patience as we progress.


The project at the St. Gabriel location is progressing as well. We have applied for a loan from the diocese in order to continue moving forward on this project. We are currently planning the interior painting, floors, walls and details for the day care. The exterior work is moving forward as well. We are also planning the gymnasium details including floor, walls and equipment. It remains our plan to be ready with the day care for the beginning of the school year, and having the gym ready by early fall.

Jan. 24, 2016:

Parish Hall:
With the annual fish fry coming up very quickly, the hall and kitchen have seen much progress in the last couple of months. As of this writing, the plastering of the walls has been completed; the drop ceiling, the electrical and the bathroom fixtures are moving forward as well. The kitchen plumbing, ventilation and cabinetry are progressing nicely. The kitchen floor has been finished, and the main floor will be finished by the end of this month. While there remains much to be completed and a good cleaning will be required before the first dinner, it is the intention of everyone involved that we host our Feb 26th Fish Fry in our new hall.

Gym / Day Care / Office Center:

The majority of the exterior has been completed. Currently the main focus is on the hall, but work continues here as well. The windows are all installed, as are most of the exterior doors. Interior walls, electrical, insulation (90% finished) are all current works in progress.


As posted in the various articles, the one thing that will drive these projects to a timely completion is continued donations. Keeping your pledge current or perhaps reducing your pledge by a year or two will help tremendously. If you need assistance with the automatic payment schedule, we can get you new cards, or your local bank should be able to help you make necessary adjustments to your payment schedule. Also, please send the video link to anyone you know who might be interested in helping with our project. There are many relatives of parish families who no longer live in this area that got their start at St. Gabriel’s and St. John’s that may consider making a donation if they are asked.

Dec. 20,2015:
We are very grateful to a mild start to our winter, as this has enabled us to make much recent progress on our projects. Initially, due to many circumstances beyond our control, we were delayed in many areas at both projects due to getting the necessary supplies. We are also very grateful to the hospital board and Clayton County Recycling for opening the old hospital to local nonprofits. We were able to take advantage of this generosity in procuring lights, ceiling tiles, bathroom fixtures, office equipment, decorative stone and many other building materials that will be used at both sites.

COMMUNITY HALL: We are making very good progress in our hall. Many of our local contractors are giving a final push to this project, and it is our goal to host the Lenten Fish Fry on February 26 in our new hall. GYM/

DAY CARE/ OFFICE: This site should be enclosed by Christmas, and some work has begun on the interior. We will be continuing efforts to have this available for the beginning of the 2016 school year. As you are aware the Capital Campaign was a great success. With this success, it was decided to do an aggressive building plan as well. As the campaign was a 3 to 5 year pledge, we are attempting to complete the building stage sooner than the 5 year commitments. Please be conscientious in keeping current on your pledges, and if you are able perhaps consider paying them off earlier. Also, if you know of an extended family member who is a graduate of our school and is gone from the area that might like to support their home parish, let them know what is happening. We are grateful for any additional gifts that might come along. Lastly, if you or a loved one are doing estate planning, please remember your parish in your wills. If you would like advice on estate planning, we can get you the necessary paperwork and put you in touch with professional planners.

August 23, 2015:

After fielding many questions the past couple of weeks, we thought a quick update on the building projects is needed.

Fellowship Hall:
Although having the Fellowship hall open for the Fall Bazaar was our goal, due to many circumstances this will not be the case, but it does remain our goal to complete the hall this year. We are trying to get as many of our local tradesmen involved as we can, and they are very generous with their time and materials, which is greatly appreciated. However, this comes at a scheduling cost that requires flexibility, and we need a bit more time to make this project fit into the busy schedules of the many contractors involved. We will have the building open on the day of the bazaar for your inspection, and ask for your patience as work continues. In the not too distant future, there will be another work day scheduled for some interior and exterior work. Please watch for notices and consider coming in to help build your parish hall.

School project:
The complications of the building have caused some delays. First it was in getting state approved plans and then it was matching these plans to a design with the building manufacturer. The building is scheduled to be delivered in early September, and should take around 6 weeks to put up. Many of the interior walls and much of the flat work has been completed (they are pouring the main gym floor as I write this). These delays have pushed back the date we would have liked to be in the gym phase of this project, but we will continue to complete this as quickly as we are able.
Thank you and God bless

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Fellowship Hall:

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    March 2015



"Building the Future... Preserving the Past" (Video 2014)

Fellowship Hall -- New Floor Installed January 2016
Check out the video below of our new floor going into our Fellowship hall

HTF Solutions at St. Johns Church from Motto Films on Vimeo.